The NewSkin Days 2023 event was held in La Grande Poste in Bordeaux in the last week of April 2023! It was an active 2-day programme, packed with a mix of networking breaks and technical sessions with 80 participants.

A range of sessions highlighted NewSkin facilities, showcases, open calls, and resulting demo-cases and introduced some other related Open Innovation Test Bed facilities, with long coffee and lunch breaks to allow ample time for further discussion and networking.NewSkin Days explored a variety of NewSkin Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) accelerated technologies and market applications, such as: Friction, wear and vibrations reduction; Mass production of textures and coatings; Nano-safe facilities for nano-coatings; Scale-up/testing gas/water membranes; Functional layers: textures and coatings. The NewSkin OITB team and facility users together shared success stories with the audience, highlighting the opportunities for SMEs, Start-ups, research labs and industry to take advantage of these 10 upscaling and 9 testing NewSkin facilities, and route to market services.

More information on the event is available here and the after movie here.