• 1 December 2021: NewSkin webinar for all industries
      • 23 November 2021: webinar photonics & electronics industries Read more
      • 23 November 2021: ALPHA-RLH NewSkin project webinar - technologies and information about the open calls.
      • 15-19 November 2021 FormNext 2021, Frankfurt EUCER and ALPHA-RLH hosted a booth Read more
      • 9 November 2021: NewSkin Open Innovation Test Bed - hosted by M27 (now Inspiralia): Presenting NewSkin OITB and how to take advantage through the Open Calls of the services of the leading research centers in the field of advanced surface nano-coatings. Introducing practical examples of components and applications as well as key technologies. Register here.
      • 2 November 2021: Aquatech 2021, Amsterdam, NL - Water trade show for process, drinking and wastewater
      • 28 October 2021: EDS/DREAM/AquaTT NewSkin Introduction Webinar- nano-membranes hosted by EDS online - All are welcome. Presenting services, facilities and new technologies offered by the H2020 NewSkin Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) that focus on nano-membranes involving water, liquid and gas sector. These technologies and facilities are focused on the improvement of the surface properties: textures and coatings on components, functional layers including graphene, laser processes, membrane coating, testing and concept integration. Introducing free access to NewSkin OITB facilities through 4 open calls 2022-24. Register now
      • 20-21 October 2021: Ceramics 4 Industry, Limoges, France 
      • 21 June 2021: NewSkin INFO Webinar – Surface Treatment & Functionalisation from anti-corrosive to hydrophobic - hosted by Pôle Européen De La Céramique, online. Catchup now
      • 04 May 2021: "Traitements de surface innovants: vers de nouveaux matériaux structurés" (in French) - hosted by Alpha_RLH. Watch the replay
      • 31 March 2021: NewSkin Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) Webinar on Textures and Coatings for Friction and Vibrations Reduction in Tribological Applications - hosted by Confindustria, online.
      • December 2020: How to make antibacterial surfaces by laser: the TresClean and the NewSkin - presented by ALPhANOV and University di Parma online. (inc super-hydrophobic, anti-fouling, anti-icing).